How to Spy on a Cell Phone Remotely

To effectively spy on a cell phone remotely you must first understand why you would want to do this. To help you understand the process of remote cell phone spying you first have to understand there is another way to do it as well.

  • There is non-remote cell phone spying. This is your typical cell phone spy software like Spybubble or Mobistealth. This type of spying software gets installed directly to the phone you want to spy on. There are many disadvantages to this type of phone spy. The biggest ones being you have to get a hold the target cell phone, the target cell phone needs to have a compatible spy program installed to it which is a whole separate issue, the target cell phone can't have a password on it otherwise there is no way to download and install this type of mobile surveillance program.
  • Then there is remote cell phone spying which is what this page is about, how to spy on a cell phone remotely. This type of cell phone spy program gets installed to your phone and not the one you're going to spy on. This provides a huge array of advantages including being able to spy on someone's cell phone even if they are hundreds or thousands of miles away since you never have to get a hold of the phone, you can spy on an unlimited number of cell phones because no software is installed directly to the device, there is virtually no chance of being caught or detected because they are is nothing they are on their cell phone.

Step by Step - how to spy on a cell phone remotely

STEP #1 - Install a remote phone spy to your cell phone. The one thing you need to know is your cell phone needs to be a smart phone otherwise it won't work. This means the cell phone you're going to install the remote spy to has to have either an Android, Windows mobile, Symbian/Nokia operating system or be a BlackBerry or iPhone mobile device. If your cell phone is not one of these five types of cell phones you cannot install the remote spy software to it. You will either need to purchase a smart phone or you will have to use a non-remote cell phone spy and install it to the target phone.

STEP #2 - Select a remote cell phone spy program. Use either of the three to the right that has the green checkmark and the thumbs up. Cell tracker, Cell snoop, Cell spy monitor all have technical support as well as a money back satisfaction guarantee. If you purchase any remote cell phone spy other than one of these three you're likely to get ripped off or scammed. Don't say I didn't warn you.

STEP #3 - install the remote spy to your cell phone. The process varies slightly depending upon which type of cell phone you have and which remote spy program you choose but the process is very similar for all phones and all remote spy software. Download the remote spy program to your computer. Transfer the appropriate remote spy files to your cell phone. Which ever one of the three remote phone spy programs you choose your download will include explicit instructions as well is technical support so no need to get caught up in details at this point.

STEP #4 - At this point you need to instruct the remote spying software which now resides on your cell phone which mobile device you want to spy on. This step is generally referred to as frequency pairing or Bluetooth connecting. The exact process of how to do this will vary depending upon which of the three remote spy programs recommended above you choose. Just remember all three will come with detailed instructions as well as technical support.

STEP #5 - Once the remote spyware has been frequency or Bluetooth connected with the target cell phone you wish to spy on - any time that cell phone now makes or receives a phone call, sends or receives a text message, sends or receives an e-mail, etc. shortly after this occurs ( a minute or less ) details of this will be displayed on your cell phone accompanied by your phone vibrating. For instance if the target cell phone you are spying on has just sent a text message - your cell phone will vibrate and your cell phone screen will display the fact that they have sent a text message, the exact time that text message was sent, the phone number the text message was sent to, and the exact contents of that text message word for word.

STEP #6 - at any point you can terminate spy details from being relayed to your cell phone. This is generally referred to as Bluetooth terminating or frequency terminating. One of the most fantastic advantages remote cell phone spy has over non-remote cell phone spy is you can reinitiate cell phone spy the a Bluetooth connecting and terminate cell phone spying as many times as you wish and on as many different cell phones as you wish. Keep in mind however no matter which remote phone spy you choose you can only spy on one cell phone at the same time.